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Solaris - Hand made artisan soaps

Brand new in stock this past week.


Solaris soaps are made by a very good friend of mine.  She has years of experinence making soap and produces the most wonderful smelling products.  She has sent me a sample box to try.  I have 5 lovely bars from her range.


Rise and shine soap


This is the perfect soap to get you zinging (and singing!) in the the morning - or when ever you need a little citrussy lift in your shower.  Featuring a fruity combination or orange, lemon, and grapefruit essential oils.  This happy, Yellow-coloured soap is tinted with tumeric, a root that is related to ginger and is packed with a whole host od amazinf health and beauty benefits including anti-inflammatory and ightening action.


Galaxy gateau soap.


The dark, mysterious soap is reminisant or deep space, Galaxy gateau features a combination of patchouli, lavender and roase geranium, combined with activated charcoal for a really good deep clean.  We've also added sparkley purple mica because sometimes you just need a bit of purple sparkliness in your life.


Wakey wakey soap.


We named this soap wakey wakey because that is what peppermint does for me.  It is an extremely refreshing, minty bar of soap and includes pumice for an exfoliating action - particulalry great for post gardening wash and for a good foot scrub.  The bars are filled with moisturing glycrine, produced as part of the saponification process, wakey wakey gives you lovely, creamy bubbles for a mintilicious wash!


Lemongrass and May Chang soap.


Such and exotic-smelling soap! The almost citrussy, spicy scent combination works beautifully with this bubbilicious bar of soap.  It is one of my favourites, although perhaps lemongrass isn't something you would normally associate with soap scents.  If you are looking for something a little different, yet refeshing this is an excellent soap to try.


Black forest gateau soap.


Predominantly a woodsy-scented soap, from the cedarwood essential oil used in this blend, this delicious soap also includes activated charcoal for added cleansing action.