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Welcome to my New website.

My little shop has now been open a whole month, and what month it has been. Such a huge range of emotions from happy to sad to elation to fear. Its been a huge roller coaster but what a ride it has been.

I've met so many lovely people, from those just starting out on their journey to those that have been treading the path for a while. One thing that is worth remembering is that it doesn't matter where on this road to zero waste we all are, everyone has to start somewhere, everyone is still learning. It is a journey not a destination, there is so much being done but there will always be more we can do. All we can all hope to do is make the best choices for ourselves. Not all products or changes are suitable for all people, not all people will like all products or be able to make the changes. The key is making acceptable changes and supporting each other without critism that someone isn't doing enough because they aren't doing this that or the other.

One thing I am hearing a lot is I need to get rid of all plastic.

Being zero waste isn't about dumping everything plastic and replacing it with a more eco option, its more eco to use what you have.

So keep using that plastic hair brush, plastic hangers, that plastic comb, your tupperware and take out boxes, refill your bottles its all good. Then when you need to purchase more, purchase what you think is the best for a price you can afford. Even if it is another plastic item because the bamboo/glass/metal one is a bit out of price range, they key is buying good quality so you don't have to buy again to soon.