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Some rambling musings from me on a quiet day

So sorry its been such a long while since you heard from me, I would say I have been really busy and haven't had a spare moment to write a blog which I probably have really.

But in all honestly I forgot.

I have such a busy mind all the time, full of what nots and where nots, and the amount of useless information just cluttering up my thoughts could probably stretch around the world. Not to mention all the things I have on the go, and things I would like to have on the go. So the last few weeks I have be concentrating on removing things off my to do list.

So in the last week or so I have finalized all my red box project paper work, all my stock as been rehomed and I finally have that space back in my home. Its bittersweet though as it was something that I loved doing, and it gave me a fantastic stepping stone and helped my confidence greatly. I doubt I've have ever opened my little shop without that and a good shove from my sister and a few very good friends.

I have also finished a few projects, so sorry Auntie Janet for taking such a long time to make your bag, it was just the straps I needed to do, and it took me just a few minutes in the end. My main craft at the moment is cross stitch, and I have made every effort the last few weeks to step away from the computer and put time in on that. It is a massive task with it being 138cm by 40cm, at one point I was convinced I was in fact moving backwards with it!! That without mentioning the other 4 I have on the go gathering dust.

I've also finished this website, got all my paper work up to date, researched lots of product suggestions, I have also designed a business card stamp, which of course being me I ordered in the wrong size. But it has my logo and vital details on it and I can now produce my own business cards on recycled paper or even old cereal boxes. These literally cost pennies each to make and the material is easy to recycle unlike the glossy printed ones.

Production on my hand made bits has really slowed down recently, I've struggled a little with new to me machines as well as our cat Pops hasn't been quite himself the last couple of weeks and we have had a lot of extra work at home due to this, so I haven't been able to catch up with my sewing at home. He unfortunately crossed over the rainbow bridge this past weekend, we miss him dearly already. For such a small cat he had such a huge presence in our home and our lives for almost 17 years.

He loved everyone and was loved by everyone he met, a proper little character who would meaow his head off at everyone, he had a very loud and distinctive voice and used it all the time to his benefit weither it was for love or tasty treats from the neighbour's

As I've been told I do talk to much so will wrap this up now, with hope that I will remember to post regularly.

As always, any questions or suggestions for products you would like to see or any information or advice you need please do get in touch. I can be reached through the website or through facebook or instagram.