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Book swap.

Do you like to read? I do when I have time, its in pretty short supply at the moment, but I make sure to read at least a chapter or 2 before I go to bed. I miss my books I'd regularly devour a book or 2 per week. Shamefully I've not even managed to finish a book since I opened, then my current read is over 500 pages long and I have 3 others on the go as well!

I had all these books just cluttering up the place, mostly been given by friends and family as I am a self confessed book worm and I will read anything. Many have be collected from various 50p tables and charity shops as it is a known fact I can't walk past a book table without browsing and taking a lost soul home.

I very rarely if ever read the back of a book, if I like the cover and its caught my eye then its a keeper. I don't even read the back page, sometimes I just don't even look and just select at random. I have found some very good writers this way, and a few not so great but its all subjective. By reading we are learning and even if we don't enjoy something we take something away from something from every book to read.

Like most things I don't have a firm favorite, I don't have a favourite colour, or a favourite outfit, or even a favourite meal, though Pizza is a really good contender. I've things I like and things I love but no firm favorites. I like to change my mind and swap things about. I do have several writers where I'd confess I'd read their shopping list if they published it and regularly go back and just read the lot again just because. I particularly like finding a writer and feel the desperate need to get my hands on everything, including the first book they ever wrote and seeing how they have evolved in their careers.

I don't even have a favourite genre, at the moment I am reading young adult books a genre that wasn't around when I was growing up. Though I do have fond memories as a teen reading my grans Virginia Andrews and Catherine Cookson books when the kids section in the library didn't capture me any more.

In no particular order if I had to pick some books and be shipped to an island somewhere never to return it would be as many books I could get by these writers

Patrick Ness - Especially the Cranewife

JK Rowling - every book

Virgina Andrew the series with Heaven in as I am long due a reread.

Gill Mansel - Little know but writes a lovely series about a wool shop.

Nora Roberts

Dan Brown

Cecilla Ahern

Cassandra Claire

Jennifer Worth

Anything I can get my hands on about the titanic and Egypt.

And a massive box full or random titles just so I can discover a new book every now and again.

Anyway before I forget the purpose of this blog today. I've just added a book swap shelf to my store. Here you can bring in your books and swap for other books, or if you have nothing to swap you can simply pay for a book. I've suggested a 50p donation per book, this money will be collected and donated to a local charity.

So share the love of a good book with someone else, and maybe find a new favourite. Read it, keep it, pass it to a friend or bring it back and swap for another one. The choice is entirely yours.