Idea's for Christmas

You Don't have to give up Christmas just because you want to live a less wasteful life.  You can have your Christmas cake and eat it.

Making simple changes to what and how you buy can make a huge difference both to the cost to your pocket and the environment.

Reducing the cost.

This one is really easy, don't buy anyone anything, no that's not very nice but it is a very good way to save both money and packaging.

Maybe instead of buying everyone a gift you run a secret Santa,  everyone buys one gift.  Maybe rather than buying a big gift maybe just pick something small and write a little coupon for a gift of time instead.  Cook a meal, a coffee and cake afternoon, cinema ticket or maybe a lovely lunch out where you pay.

Other ideas I like are giving everyone a budget and they have to buy something second hand from either a charity shop or a second hand store, there are lots of things on facebook market place and Ebay.

Reducing the packaging.

Say no to glittery gift bags and wrapping paper, use brown paper, old boxes, even news paper and pretty it up in anyway you like.  Set yourself the challenge that if you can't reuse it or recycle it, then don't use it.  

Finally Shop Local.

Our high streets are all struggling, but there are many little shops and businesses in our towns that keep lovely items in stock.  So no having to wait in for deliveries, or receiving tonnes of packaging that you need to dispose of.  

I haven't gone out and specifically brought in Christmas stock, I have basically put a selection of items together that you can give as a gift.  You can make your own gift boxes up to your budget and the requirements of the person you are giving it to.

You can either buy the items as they are or I have some Kraft boxes in which you can wrap the items in.  There is a small charge of £1 for the box, jute cord and tissue paper.  If you would like it with ribbon instead of jute cord it is £1.50.

Please view the gallery below for ideas, I will add more to this.

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