Don't Ditch it Stitch it.

Has your favourite item of clothing seen better days?  Have you got missing buttons, rips or split seams?  Maybe a zip that needs replacing.  Bring it in to me at A Little Bit Eco for a little TLC.

I can't guarantee that any repair will last due to the fact it is damage, and fabrics wear thin over time, I can certainly extend the life of your favourite pieces and make them usable once more.

The whole idea behind this is keeping things out of landfill and encouraging repairs before replacement.  Everything has a life span but if we can stop things being ditched for the sake of a simple repair.

If you would like an item repaired please pop it in and I can assess if it is something that I can do, and if it is worth fixing.  I generally work on the costing of £8 per hour.  Most jobs are complete in this time or less.  Please view the gallery below for examples of my previous work.

The mini mall unit 7, 23 Market Street, Holyhead, LL65 1UL Holyhead Anglesey

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