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Available in store only

I am a stockist for the following products.

  • Suma - Shampoo and conditioner, multi surface cleaner

  • Blooming eco - Washing up liquid, toilet cleaner, laundry liquid and conditioner

  • Bio d - Linseed floor cleaner.

  • Earth friendly - Polish and furniture cleaner. 

All these items with exception of the polish are available as refills.  These items can be refilled into any suitable clean bottle you have.  Price as follows

Shampoo and conditioner £0.49 per 100ml

Multipurpose cleaner £0.30 per 100ml

Washing up liquid £0.21 per 100ml

Toilet cleaner £0.24 per 100ml

Laundry Liquid £0.35 per 100ml

Fabric conditioner £0.19 per 100ml

Hand soap £0.40 per 100ml

Bio d floor cleaner £0.50 per 100ml

Bicarb £0.60 per 100g

Cost per pre filled bottles.

Shampoo and conditioners all varieties by Suma £4.69 per 500ml bottle.

Ecoleaf surface cleaner £2.29 per 500ml bottle

Washing up liquid £2.45 per 1L bottle

Toilet cleaner £1.99 per 750ml bottle

Laundry liquid £5.99 per 1.5L bottle approx 37 washes using 40ml per wash

Fabric conditioner £3.99 per 1.5L bottle approx 37 washes using 40ml per wash.

Bio D floor cleaner £4.25 per bottle

Earth friendly Polish £3.99 per bottle.